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Globadores Earn MPSL Honors

MPSL Fall 2010 Most Valuable Player: Martino Prada











MPSL Regular Season Bronze Boot: Lars Bertelsen








October Player of the Month: Rene Cardenas











September Player of the Month: Martino Prada








Fall 2010 Globadores Awards

Golden Boot Award: Lars Bertelsen, Striker

Defense Award: Rene Cardenas, Keeper

The “Maestro” Award : Martino Prada, Center Midfielder

Sweet Moves Award: Daniel “sexy legs” Ellingsen, Left Wing

Rising Globador Award: Will Schlossberg, Outside Back

MIIS Takes 3rd Place in MPSL Gold Playoffs

Semi-Finals: MIIS 0 – Atletico Espanol 1

In the midst of pouring down rain, the Globadores dominated the first half, finding the back of the net twice. Unfortunately, both goals were called back by questionable offside rulings. In the second half the rain continued, but Atletico turned up the pressure and dominated the possession. Atletico Espanol’s all-star forward, Walter Bonilla, found the back of the net in the 82nd minute and the Globadores were unable to find an equalizer in the final moments as their hopes of a championship season washed away with the winter rain.

3rd Place Match: MIIS 2 – Britannia Arms 0

In their final match of the year the Globadores ended on a winning note by downing their traditional rival by 2 goals in what fans will remember as one of the uglier games of the season. An undermanned Brit team faced off against a MIIS team suffering from effects of the previous days graduation celebrations. Fortunately, Bronze boot striker Lars Bertelsen, scored the game winner in his final game in the MIIS FC white & blue before his transfer window closes and he returns to his native Denmark. Jorge Silva capped off the scoring for the Fall 2010 campaign with a sweet footed strike 12 yards from goal. The Globadores finished the season on a winning note and look forward to the Spring 2011 season and a new team to make a push for the MPSL title.

MIIS FC Finishes Fall 2010 Regular Season

RECORD: 8 wins, 3 losses, 2 ties

MIIS FC put together their best campaign in the past 6 seasons. It’s been 3 years since MIIS finished 10-2-2 and 2nd in the league, but the MPSL has greatly improved from top to bottom since then making competition all the more difficult. With a record of 8 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws, the Globadores earned 26 points and the 3rd best record in the MPSL. The Globadores notched 46 goals this season, their most in many many season. In what’s becoming a MIIS FC tradition, the Globadores sported the best defense in the league for the second straight season by only allowing 15 goals-against in 13 games.

In addition to their great team record, two MIIS FC players, forward Martino Prada and keeper Rene Cardenas both earned MPSL Player of the Month awards for September and October respectively. Prada and Cardenas are featured on the MPSL website for their heroics. MIIS FC also fielded the 3rd best goal scorer in the league, Lars Bertelsen, who notched 13 goals in just 10 games. Highlight games of the season included the Globadores defeat of Spring 2010 champions the Monterey Ducks and their last game must-win victory over Oil Can Henry’s.

This is a farewell campaign for many Globadores who will graduate this semester. Manager & captain Joseph Button is joined by Joey Toerpe, Rene Cardenas, Lars Bertelsem, Eirik Spord, Daniel Ellingsen, & Mike Garnett who will all play their final two matches this December.

Globadores vs. Oil Can Henry’s – November 21, 2010

MIIS 2 – OCH 1

Globadores vs. Atletico Espanol -November 14, 2010

MIIS 1 – Atletico Espanol 2

Globadores vs. DLI – November 7, 2010

MIIS 3 – DLI 4

Globadores vs. Quilombo FC – October 31, 2010

MIIS 6 – Quilombo 0

Globadores vs. FC Seaside – October 24, 2010

MIIS 2 – FC Seaside 2

Globadores vs. Monterey Ducks – October 23, 2010

MIIS 3 – Ducks 1

Globadores vs. Naval Postgraduate School – October 17, 2010

MIIS 7 – NPS 0

Globadores vs. Britannia Arms FC – October 10, 2010

MIIS 1 – The Brit 1

Globadores vs. FC Seaside – October 3, 2010

MIIS 6 – FC Seaside 0

Globadores vs. Central Coast FC – September 26, 2010


Globadores vs. Monterey Ducks – September 25, 2010

MIIS 1 – Ducks 2

Globadores vs. Naval Postgraduate School – September 19, 2010

MIIS 4 – NPS 1

Globadores vs. Quilombo – September 12, 2010

MIIS 6 – Quilombo 0

MIIS FC Tryout Schedule – Fall 2010

Tryouts for the 2010 team will take place this weekend (8/28 & 8/29) from 10-12. If you plant to attend the tryout, please arrive at the MIIS library at 9:40 for rides to the playing field. The team hopes to play at Monterey High School, however the team may be forced to relocate to Pacific Grove Middle School if there is a field availability issue. That decision will be made at 9:40 and will not be posted online, so please be at the library on time so you know where to go!

Only one tryout is required for candidacy on the team. New MBA students are asked to not attend the tryout on Saturday so that they can go to the required scavenger hunt activity. A 3rd and final tryout will take place during hte 1st week of school for those few potential Globadores who are busy on the weekend. Please email if you have any questions.

MIIS FC to Host Tryouts

MIIS FC lost a core group of their starting players to graduation following the Spring 2010 season and are looking to rebuild their team from the ground up. The Globadores hope to fill up their 20-person roster with individuals from around the world who possess a high level of skill and acumen.

MIIS FC will host 3 tryouts for those interested in being on the Fall 2010 team. The main tryouts will take place on the last weekend of August. These will be held at a local soccer field in Monterey on Saturday and Sunday morning from 10-12 each day. A final tryout will take place during the first week of school.  Eligible participants include any student, faculty or staff from the Monterey Institute. Students arriving to Monterey early are encouraged to join current players for pick-up games. Further details on tryouts and pick-up games will be given to those who contact the MIIS coach at .

Globadores Leadership Selected for Fall 2010 Season

The MIIS FC president in conjunction with current coach Joseph Button, have made their formal selection of squad leaders for the upcoming season. Rene Cardenas and Martino Prada will both provide leadership in the role of assistant captain. Cardenas, a defensive and goal-keeping all-star is looking forward to setting the standard for the Globadores defense. Prada “the Spanish Maestro,” will help guide the Globadores offense into goal scoring success. Additionally, Jorge Silva will provide leadership as the Assistant Manager for the team. Silva will utilize the tactics and drills he learned following the US and Mexico world cup teams across South Africa to help the Globadores grow in their skill as an elite team.

Spring 2010 Season in Review

The MIIS FC Globadores finished their Spring 2010 season with a record of 6 wins, 4 losses and 3 ties for a total of 21 points (only being bested again by the usual big 3). After being relegated to the silver division after the first round of group play, MIIS FC fought back with purpose. After winning the silver division with a heroic victory over rival Britannia Arms FC, the Globadores then lost their play-off/play-in game against DLI in extra time penalty kicks.

This was a season of contrasts for MIIS FC. The Globadores boasted the best defense in the league this season only giving up 14 goals in their 13 games. Grounding the defense were returning starters Rene Cardenas, who often played in goal, Sam Marrero, Joseph Button, and Juan Castagnino. The great defensive force, however, came from the crushing Norwegian duo, Daniel Gulesto and Marius Solberg, who will return to Norway after being traded from MIIS for some new Norwegian transfers.

Unfortunately, this proud defensive force was narrowly bested by an anemic offense that only produced 16 goals in the regular season (a less fortunate league low). The goal scoring was led by assistant captain and center midfielder George Garner who netted 5 in the regular season and 1 in the playoffs for the Globadores. In his last game as a Globador, Garner, netted the goal of the season with a 20 yard bullet that landed in the left side upper corner of the net after sizzling past the DLI goalie’s out stretched arms. Most of MIIS’ 16 goals were supplied by the Globadores’ center-forward Spanish maestro, Martino Prada.

The bad boy awards for the season go to Kyle Edgerton (3 yellows and a suspension) and Jorge Silva (2 yellows and 1 red) and Graham Slater (individually escorted 2 opponents off the field with his fierce look alone after their egregious tackles on Slater’s teammates). The Globadores graduate most of their starting team this year and will be hard pressed to replace the likes of Thomas Halvorsen, George Garner, Joey Toerpe, Graham Slater, Robby Taggart, Daneil Gulesto, Marius Solberg, Svein Andreassen, Kyle Edgerton, Juan Castagnino, Sam Marrero, & Pepsi Kuwano.

All together and the Globadores enjoyed another great season and are encouraged by their ability to win the silver division despite strong contention from The Brit. Next season MIIS FC is seeking out a finish in the top 4 and hopefully a spot in the finals as they continue to fight to regain their status as league champions. Always remember, the earth shakes when the Globadores take the field.

Spring 2010 Globadores Awards

Golden Boot Award: George Garner

Defense Award: The Norwegian Duo — Daniel Gulesto & Marius Solberg

Play-Maker Award : Martino Prada

Best Moves Award: Joey Toerpe and his “Headless Bull Move”

Rising Globador Award: Hansol Lee

Spring 2010 Tryout Results

Join with me in congratulating the following players for earning a spot on the MIIS FC Spring 2010 Futbol Team! Congratulations to all the new Globadores!

1. Joseph Button – Coach/Captain

2. Thomas Halvorsen – Assistant Captain

3. George Garner – Assistant Captain

4. Kyle Edgerton

5. Martino Prada

6. Christa Thoeresz

7. Robb Taggart

8. Joey Toerpe

9. Graham Slater

10. Sam Marrero

11. Juan Castagnino

12. Rene Cardenas

13. Pepsi Kuwano

New Players

14. Marius Solberg

15. Daniel Gulesto

16. Svein Sandreassen

17. Jorge Silva

18. Himayu Shiotani

19. Karim Kamel

The Globadores are pleased to field one of their deepest teams in the past decade. The roster depth will help when dealing with an ad-hoc schedule disaster caused MPSL scheduling officials. These errors will make this season tough for the Globadores whose players must manage their international class schedules with the new weeknight MPSL match-ups. MIIS FC Club Management expects that the newly acquired transfers from Norway, Egypt, Mexico and Japan will allow the Globadores to stretch out opposing defenses and shut-down talented offenses in an unprecedented manner.

Fall 2009 Season Review

What a great season for the Globadores ! After finishing 5th in the Spring 09 season, the Globadores improved their level of play and continued to move themselves up the table to finish 4th in the final standings (out of 9 teams). The final record for the Globadores was 9 wins, 7 losses, and 0 draws. MIIS FC dramatically improved its offensive attack, scoring 40 goals compared to just 12 in the previous season. Most of the augmented goal scoring prowess was due to  instant Globador legend, Jakki Tonnessen, who scored 23 goals, the most in MIIS FC and MPSL history. Adding to the scoring and assisting prowess was Spanish play-maker Martino Prada who notched 5 goals and a series of assists throughout the season.

Thomas Halvorsen continued to prove why he is one of the best goal keepers in the league, preserving 5 shutouts on the season and making dramatic game saving deflections in every game. At defense, the revelation of renegade defender, Rene Cardenas, was a true highlight of the season. Cardenas known for his aggressive tackles and unbeatable defense is looking forward to establishing his presence on the field in the Spring 2010 season. The Globadores will be sad to see the end of the great defensive career of 3rd season Globador, Andreas Sepp, who was transfered to an United Nations team in Eastern Europe for an undisclosed amount of EU currency. As usual, the team will lose its Scandinavian transfers players, but hope for an exciting new batch of Norwegians for next season.

The ‘bad boy’ awards for the season go out to Joseph Button (2 yellows and a red card), Kyle Edgerton (4 yellows), Joey ‘the animal’ Toerpe (3 yellows) & Sam Marrero (making a team almost forfiet halfway through a match). MIIS FC was tied for the second most penalized team in the league, only standing behind Atletico Espanol.

Put it all together and the Globadores enjoyed another great season, but they keenly look forward to taking down the top 3 next year as they continue their climb to league dominance. Always remember, the earth shakes when the Globadores take the field.

FALL 2009 Globadores Awards

Globador of the Season: Jakki Tonnessen

Golden Boot Award: Jakki Tonnessen

Defense Award: Rene “Renegade” Cardenas & Andreas “the eStonian Wall” Sepp

Play-Maker Award (most assists): Martino Prada

Best Moves Award: Christa “Ya, that just happened” Thoeresz

Most Improved Globador: Tetsushi “Pepsi” Kuwano

Game 16: MIIS 1 – Dirty Duck 3

In a game that would not change the final standings in the league, the Globadores lost the last game of the season to the Dirty Ducks. Still, the Globadores did win the last half of the season. Spanish forward Martino Prada scored a sweet goal in the second half, a half of victory for MIIS FC.

Man of the Match: Martino Prada.

Game 15: MIIS 1 – Britannia Arms 0

Jakki Tonnessen made the go ahead goal in the 85th minute of the match after being continually denied by a great keeper from Britannia Arms. The back four for MIIS along with keeper Thomas Halvorsen dominated the Brit attacking front for the majority of the game. This sweet second victory over the boys from the Brit sealed MIIS FC’s 4th place position in the league and top half of the table.

Game 14: MIIS 0 – PG United 6

The perennial league champions took it to the Globadores, handing them their worst defeat of the season. The Globadores tired from studying from finals and missing both of their keepers to injury were not able to keep PG out of goal in any way or fashion. In addition, captain and sweeper Joseph Button was suspended for the match following the red card in the previous match. Graham Slater put together another fine performance for MIIS despite the adversity on the field.

Game 13: MIIS 1 – Atletico Espanol 4

Atletico Espanol cast MIIS FC in a heap of ruin for the 2nd time this season. This chippy affair saw 5 yellow cards and a even a straight red card to team captain Joseph Button, wh0 plead his innocence as he was sent of the field in the middle of the second half. Coach Button paid his $10 fine for his penalty, but avoided a longer suspension after appearing before the league disciplinary committee and pleading his innocence to league officials.

Game 12: MIIS FC 13 – Central Coast FC 0

The Globadores came storming back after a disappointing loss to DLI and completely annihilated CCFC. The entire team put together a great showing in this match, their greatest team performance of the season. Tonnessen notched a first ever 5 goal performance while holding back on many chances to score to get his team mates on the score sheet. Goal keeper Thomas Halvorsen saw his first field time this season and notched a PK goal for the Globadores while recording the shutout with reserve keeper Graham Slater. Speedy winger Robb Taggart notched his first two goals of his futbol career in dynamite fashion by beating the keeper with two bullets, both flicking by the near post and into the exploding net. Martino Prada picked up a pair of goals himself despite being severely injured. The crazy Scandinavians, Tarjei Janbu and Casper Bertlesen introduced themselves to the score sheet and captain Joseph Button even notched another sidewinder towards the end of the match.

Men of the Match: Jakki Tonnessen, Robb Taggart & Thomas Halvorsen

Game 11: MIIS FC 0 – DLI 2

Suffering their worst set-back of the season, MIIS FC while shorthanded for players, dropped a very slow game to a surging squad from DLI. 3rd season veteran Kyle Edgerton picked up his 3rd yellow of the season and will be suspended for the next match. Utility player, Graham Slater, put forth a tremendous effort from start-to-finish despite a general poor showing by the rest of the team.

Man of the Match: Graham Slater

Game 10: MIIS FC 3 – Naval Post Graduate School 1

The second hatrick in a row for the speeding striker from Norway put the Monterey Institute over its graduate school nemesis team for the second time this season.

Man of the Match: Jakki Tonnessen

Game 9: MIIS FC 3 – African Lions 0

Another textbook hatrick by Jakki Tonnessen put the Globadores over the team of arabic coaches from DLI for the second time in two weeks.

Man of the Match: Jakki Tonnessen

Game 8: MIIS FC 0 – Atletico Espanol 2

A horrible and biased referee put this hotly contested match just out of reach for the Monterey Institute. The true highlight of the game was the 7 yellow-cards handed out between the two teams.

Person of the Match: The referee in the middle.

Game 7: MIIS FC 3 – African Lions 0

Game 2 of the double header matched up MIIS FC against the African Lions. The sideline attendance of Globadores legend Scott Hernandez had the team fired-up and ready to play. Thanks to some great pre-game scouting from MIIS FC winger Badr Al-Jawari, the Globadores were able to exploit the defense of the African Lions throughout the first half. Continuing his scoring streak in games played, Jakki Tonnessen quickly and efficiently scored twice before the 30th minute. Tonnessen’s running sixteen yard bullet from the far right side drew thunderous cheers from the crowd as he continues his efforts for league golden boot status. Strong pressure from Tonnessen resulted in the third goal of the game, a probable own goal from the African Lion defender who buckled under Tonnessen’s pressure and played it into his goal.

MIIS FC worked on it’s team play in the second half, this time under the lights of PG’s Breaker Stadium. Showing their ability to create chances with their lightning speed Pepsi Kuwano and Robb Taggart both rallied a series of chances at the Lion’s goal only to see their attempts at goal just slip wide of the net. Despite missing out on some great opportunities at the net, MIIS FC still put together some great team play in the second half of the match for the first time of the season. Finally, it should be noted that one of the greatest plays of the day, came from defender Andreas Sepp who saved the weekends shut out with an amazing diving kick clearance from the mouth of the Globadores goal in the second half. MIIS FC left the weekend with two more wins for the fixtures, five more goals and their first two shut outs of the season. Allez Globadores !

MIIS FC will face a tough challenge next week from the league’s newest member and championship contender, Athletico Espanol. Global fans, please come out and cheer for your Globadores in this crucial match-up of league powers at 9:00 am next Sunday.

Men of the Match: Jakki Tonnessen & Andreas Sepp

Game 6: MIIS 2 – Naval Post Graduate School 0

Arriving to loud cheers from fans nestled into Breaker Stadium, golden boot candidate Jakki Tonnessen and defensive beast, Hans Stensaker immediately made their presence felt on the field after arriving late to the game thanks to gridlock traffic in San Francisco. Tonnessen knocked in another crafty goal mere minutes after entering the pitch and continued to put the Navy defense on their heals throughout the match. The teamplay of the Globadores, vastly improved from previous weeks was the real highlight of the day though as MIIS strung together beautiful sequences of passes. This great team play yielded great results in the 30th minute when Joey ‘the Animal’ Toerpe took the ball to the touchline before playing a perfect cut back pass to Globadores captain Joseph Button who struck the ball into the far side of the net from 14 yards out to the right of the goal.

The second half, in what is becoming common MIIS form, saw the NPS attack control the pace and possession of the game for much of the second 45 minutes. Still, the stone wall defense of MIIS forced NPS into a series of poor and challenged chances at the goal. Playing in the pitch black for the last 15 minutes of the match, MIIS FC held on and recorded their first shut out of the season for Globadores Keeper Thomas Halvorsen.

Men of the Match: Thomas Halvorsen & Joseph Button

Game 5: MIIS FC 0 – Pacific Grove United 3

With only 12 Globadores strapping on their boots for the contest against the MPSL club carrying the best overall record the last few seasons, the Globadores held quite strong considering their disadvantage. The first half was  a tenuous affair as the PG United attack consistently pressured the MIIS FC defense. Thanks to great heroics by back-up goalkeeper Rene Cardenas, MIIS left the first half unscathed and took to the club house knotted up 0-0 with PG.

The second half started poorly for MIIS as the Globadores let up an unfortunate break-away goal to the PG striker in the 47th minute. With the MIIS offense pressing to attack and even the score much of the second half, PG United was able to capitalize on two more chances, both from unmarked wingers waiting on the far side of goal. Cardenas, recording upwards to 20 saves on the day won plaudits from the PG side who illegally offered him a transfer request to their team for an undisclosed financial amount. Fortunately, MIIS FC locked-up Cardenas’, their usual starting stopper, status with the team in a non-transfer clause earlier in the season. With the Norwegian contingent returning from their Las Vegas cultural experience next week, MIIS seeks to return to their winning ways in their first double header weekend this season.

Man of the Match: Rene Cardenas

Game 4: MIIS FC 1 – Dirty Ducks 3

MIIS FC suffered their first set back of the season with a 3-1 loss to the reigning MPSL champions, the Dirty Ducks. MIIS FC started the game well, possessing the ball and showing some great passing ability. The Globadores were rewarded for their nice play with the first goal of the game in the 25th minute. Following a poor clearance from the Dirty Ducks defense, starting winger Christa Thoeresz fielded the ball, dribbled through two defenders and played a beautiful through ball to streaking center midfielder Kyle Edgerton. Edgerton dribbled the ball to the touchline in text book fashion before playing a cut back pass through the Dirty Duck defense to a wide open Martino Prada who tapped the ball in at the back post for his second goal of the season.

From that point on, the Dirty Ducks controlled the match in dominating fashion. The greatest individual goal of the game came in the 40th minute when the Dirty Duck forward blasted in a 25 yard volley past diving keeper Thomas Halvorsen. The first half ended 1-1 thanks to some great heroics in goal from Halvorsen whose individual efforts gave MIIS FC a fighting chance to hold on to critical league points. The second half went from bad to worse for MIIS FC. Unable to hold onto the ball for much of the half, MIIS FC watched as the Dirty Ducks showered an unrelenting attack on the Globadores defense. The Dirty Ducks capitalized twice from their strong pressure by knocking in two of their many corner kicks with quality headers, the first from the far post and the second from the near post. Defending set pieces will definitely be a point of emphasis for the Globadores at practice this week. With a hard learned lesson in their pocket, the Globadores will return to the pitch next Sunday to face MPSL juggernaut and current undefeated league leader PG United. Come and cheer for the Globadores as they seek to upset PG United (Sunday, 11:00) at PG High’s Breaker Stadium.

Game 3: MIIS FC 2 – Britannia Arms FC 1

No guts, no glory. The Globadores took on the most physically tough team in the league in their third fixture of the season. As expected, the result came down to both mental and physical toughness. The Globadores turned up the intensity for this match and it showed. Every ball was contested and the field of play resembled a rugby match just as much as our beloved futbol. Despite facing tough pressure, the MIIS FC defense and midfield did well to match up with The Brit’s attack throughout the match. Thanks to the stellar crossing skills of Martino Prada and another great finish by golden boot candidate Jakki Tonnessen, MIIS went up 1-0 in the 25th minute of match on a corner kick finished off by Tonnessen’s head at the far post. There was no quit in the boys from Britannia Arms as they secured a goal 7 minutes later on a one touch through ball to their forward who was streaking to the back post. Back from injury, Hans Stensaker made his presence felt in the back for MIIS helping deflect The Brit’s attack and providing that strong body affect needed in the Globadores defense.

The second half was twice as brutal as the first as hard tackles turned into raucous near bench clearing brawls. For the day, The Globadores kept the cooler heads throughout these skirmishes, avoiding costly yellow and red cards. Half way through the second half, striker Jakki Tonnessen took the ball to The Brit touchline only to be tackled roughly 10 yards from the near post. The referee pointed to the spot where Martino Prada notched his first goal of the season from the penalty mark. Near misses by both teams summarized the minutes following MIIS FC’s go ahead goal, but neither team was able to finish and The Brit even had a goal called back after the referee ruled the header by Brit captain, Ernst van Eeghen, to in fact be a fantom Maradona hand ball. From the MIIS FC perspective it was definitely a hand ball, but Van Eeghen pleaded otherwise to no avail. The Globadores held strong in the final moments repeatedly repealing the hard pressed attack of Britannia Arms FC.  Showing great heart, great guts and in the end, a great victory, the Globadores captured another 3 points in the MPSL, staying atop the league leader board. Allez Globadores !

Men of the Match: The entire MIIS FC team

Game 2: MIIS 3 – Defense Language Institute 1

The second fixture of the season provided The Globadores from the Monterey Institute with a strong challenge. In the first Saturday match of the Fall 2009 season MIIS faced off against one of it’s long-standing rivals who are known for their great athleticism and army conditioned physique. Playing with only two substitutes and starting players with limiting injuries, MIIS began the game with a plan to utilize a simple, short-pass strategy. Unfortunately MIIS was unable to consistently execute this strategy through the 90 minute battle. The resilient defense and relentless aggressive nature of DLI kept MIIS on the back of their heals throughout the match. In the first half, MIIS was able to break through the defenses of DLI twice. The first goal was created by a long punt from keeper Thomas Halvorsen to a streaking Jakki Tonnessen who made a nice finish on a low angle strike. This 15th minute finish was bested 10 minutes later after the midfield was able to link a few key passes together before play-maker Martino Prada passed a perfect through ball to Tonnessen who again, fired a low-angle shot into the far corner of the goal.The second half finished with MIIS leading 2-0.

As the Pacific Grove ocean fog rolled onto the field in the second half, the game and play of The Globadores turned ugly for the final 45 minutes of the match. Monterey Institute was only able to string some quality passes together a few times in the second half and their team-play ability faltered under the relentless DLI pressure. The Globadores defense employed a bend, but don’t break effort keeping out the continual onslaught of DLI attack. The situation worsened when star defender Rene Cardenas had to leave the game to prevent further injury to an ailing leg. With just one sub available, MIIS held on tight and Norwegian striker Jakki Tonnessen was able to finish off his second hatrick performance in as many games as he took another pass from Martino Prada, beat 2 defenders and the keeper with another low angle shot from left to right. The MIIS defense finally broke in the last minute of the game as the speedy forward (#21) from DLI was able to slip by the defense for a break away goal. The Monterey Institute Globadores moved to a 2-0 record for the first time in a few seasons and feel lucky to walk away from this match with some great lessons learned and a concept to improve their team play in the weeks ahead.

MIIS will face its toughest test of this young season next week against perennial championship contender, Britannia Arms FC. That game will be on Sunday (9/27) @ 3pm at Breaker Stadium in Pacific Grove.

Man of the Match: Jakki Tonnessen

Game 1: MIIS FC 6 – Central Coast FC 1

The Globadores took to the pitch for the first game of the season in dominating style. Playing with excitement, emotion & passion MIIS FC’s relentless attack finally yielded a goal around the 20th minute as Norwegian transfer, Jakki Tonnessen, scored the first of his three goals by knocking in a bounding ball in the six-yard box. A few minutes later, veteran center midfielder, George “Joe” Garner, stole the ball from a defender trying to bicycle kick-it out of defensive third and took the ball in on his own from 35 yards out and scored with a sweet 15-yard strike from the right side . The most impressive goal of the day came from a CCFC winger who pushed his way through two MIIS FC defenders and lofted a no angle shot from the left side into the upper corner of the right side of the goal. The first half ended 2-1, despite MIIS FC dominating possession of the ball in the offensive half. MIIS FC was called for offsides roughly 1o times in the first and almost equaled that amount in the second half.

As the sun and heat came through in the second half, the game witnessed a lot more back and forth action. Luckily, new MIIS FC acquisition Rene Cardenas was up to the task of winning roughly 90% of the balls played into the defensive end while displaying his aggressive defensive style. Jakki Tonnessen completed his hatrick in the second half, but not to be outdone, Graham Slater, playing in his second game as a Globador notched the first two goals of his playing career with strikes from 12 & 15 yards out from the center of the goal. In the goal, Thomas Halvorsen had a fairly quiet day, but did stop two hard shots from CCFC in the second half showing why he is one of the best returning keepers in thee MPSL. Overall it was a great start to the season for MIIS FC as the Globadores showed great highlights of individual talent and great team play. Join MIIS FC for game two of the Fall 2009 season as they take on the Defense Language Institute (5pm next Saturday (9/19)) at Breaker Stadium.

Men of the Match: Jakki Tonnessen & Rene Cardenas

MIIS FC 2009 Tryout Results

Join with me in congratulating the following players for earning a spot on the MIIS FC Fall 2009 Futbol Team! Congratulations Fall 2009 Globadores! Please see below the list for important notes.

1. Joseph Button
2. Andreas Sepp
3. Kyle Edgerton
4. George Garner
5. Robby Taggart
6. Graham Slater
7. Thomas Halvorsen
8. Joey Toerpe
9. Rene Cardenas
10. Christa Thoeresz
11. Badr Al-Jahwary
12. Juan Castagnino
13. Martino Prada
14. Hans Stensaker
15. Jakki Tonnessen
16. Tarjei Janbu
17. Sam Marrero
18. Tetsushi “Pepsi” Kuwano
19. Casper Bertlesen

According to former Coach and “legend” Rafa Burgos this was the one of most talented groups of players to tryout in the last 6 seasons and because of this there is a large group of player who could fit into our final 3 spots and have very even playing ability. Therefore, the team leadership has decided to leave these spots open for a few weeks to let players heal and then prove their commitment and ability to the club.

Fall 2009 Tryout Weekend

This past weekend, MIIS FC hosted 2 tryouts at Pacific Grove Middle School and Junipero Park for the Fall 2009 futbol team. Around 35 people came during the two day weekend tryout. Saturday witnessed the tremendous impact of this seasons Norwegian contingent. During the scrimmage session Jackie Tonnessen score a hatrick from his striker position and Hans Stensaker shut down all efforts by the opposing team’s offense from his center defense spot. It was a very hot day on the Monterey Peninsula and the new Globadores coach & manager, Joseph Button was sure to take  plenty of water breaks to keep the futbol’ers hydrated. The squad avoided major injury, although former coach & alumni member of the tryout selection committee, Rafa Burgos, injured the ligament in his big toe and suffered a small bone chip.

On Sunday, under the overcast fog of Pacific Grove, the Globadores were excited for the return of all-world keeper, Thomas Halvorsen and one of the long standing veterans of the team, Andreas Sepp. Both showed that they are still in top form, especially Andreas who played twice a week in the Washington DC summer leagues. The final tryout is next Thursday from 12-2. After the tryout, MIIS FC will finalize its 20-person roster.


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  1. Congrats team for pulling a big W! Make me feel proud!

  2. […] Game 3: MIIS FC 2 – Britannia Arms FC 1 […]

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